Yamaha WR450F Viral Video


The WR450F Viral Video was a project for Yamaha Motor Australia planned as a short one minute video designed to be shared and viewed virally via social media as promotion for the new bike.

A majority of the planning and scripting was done by the client, 6HD was tasked to shoot and edit the video with limited time and resources.

The speaking parts were shot in Stroud, NSW. While there was a basic script, we wanted more of an improv type speaking to take place, given the two people on screen are not actors. They were given basic dot points of information they had to include but not a specific way to deliver the lines, as long as the general idea was the same to ensure fluid editing.

The riding parts were also shot in Stroud, mostly on a Sony FS7 camera with additional bike mounted shots utilising a GoPro HERO 4.

The clip was edited over the space of a day with some sections requiring sound to be completely recreated (ie. water crossing scene), this was done using a number of sound design elements and techniques to create the desired sound.

The clip was released on December 18, 2015 and has received over 150,000 views on Facebook alone.