Three Six Motorsports: No Fixed Address

Episode 2

Three Six Motorsports: No Fixed Address – Episode 2 is the second episode in the No Fixed Address series. It follows the Active8 Yamaha Desert Race Team in their first pre-season testing week on the Finke Desert Race track in Alice Springs, NT.

The idea for the episode was pitched by team manager AJ Roberts in November 2013. Planning got underway during the filming of the first episode. 6HD travelled to the desert capital with the team in January 2014 and began filming the episode, documentary style, with most of the footage being shot handheld.

Bike-mounted shots were filmed with a number of cameras including several GoPro HERO 3 cameras and Contour HD cameras. Tracking shots were filmed out the window while travelling down the track with a GoPro mounted on the roof of the car as a backup source. A majority of the interior shots were filmed with a windscreen mounted GoPro plugged directly into power, filming continously in order to capture as much fluid banter as possible.

Filming was interupted on January 9, 2014 when rider Josh Green had a massive 130km/h crash around the 30km mark of the track. The crash and reaction to the crash was captured by the GoPro’s mounted on Josh’s helmet, Tom’s helmet (following rider) and the interior car cam. The camera on Josh’s helmet completely sheared off the mount and was found twenty meters from the crash. The force of the impact ended the recording just as Josh hit the ground.

Filming ended on January 11, 2014 and post-production began on January 15. Almost 200GB of footage was captured over the 6 days from 5 camera sources. A teaser trailer was released on January 20. Editing took nearly two months to complete with the final version being approved on March 4. The episode was picked up by Australian Trailrider Magazine as a cover DVD and was released on May 5, 2014.